Handsplit Flagging

Handsplit Flagging is now back in stock!

Sandstone Sales has a new flagging cutter on staff and we are proud to offer Handsplit Flagging again. The new Handsplit Flagging contains the traditional split finish, but now with more structure in shape and more consistency in the depth. Made from 100% Australian Sandstone, quarried and split here at our Glenorie site, our Handsplit Flagging is available in 10m2 pallets and quarry run colouring.

Regular Handsplit Flagging

handsplit flagging 1 Regular Handsplit Flagging is our most popular paving product because of it’s natural, traditional finish. The pieces are generally between 50-75mm in thickness and are supplied in various dimensions, as was the custom in bygone days. Handsplit Flagging is used for both heritage applications by matching existing stone and also enhances other contemporary finishes because of its natural beauty. handsplit flagging 2

Thin Handsplit Flagging

thin handsplit flagging 1 Due to the thinner depth of our Thin Handsplit Flagging, it’s commonly used as a cladding product to improve the look of existing walls. At a bedwidth of only 30-50mm approx, this flagging is also handy for when there is not enough allowance for standard thicknesses, but a rustic finish is still required. thin handsplit flagging 2

Track Handsplit Flagging

track handsplit flagging 1 Track Handsplit Flagging is a thicker version of flagging at around 75-100mm in thickness. This extra strength is perfect for high traffic area such as driveways and the extra bedwidth is also handy for use as garden edging when more depth is needed, but in a rustic form. track handsplit flagging 2