Colour Range

Sandstone Sales quarries all our own stone, here at our Glenorie site and these are just a small example of what we have to offer. Our stone is renowned for its colour and character, ranging from whites, pinks and purples through to yellows and browns. You are welcome to visit the quarry to have a look at the options first hand or you can email us with photo's of stone you are trying to match. We can also send you through photos of the colours that are currently available, to help make the process of stone selection easier for you.

marbled-white  white-grey
med-yellow-purples browns light-yellow-mulitcoloured
 Marbled White  White with Greys  Med Yellow with Purples Browns  Light Yellow Mulitcoloured
 light-yellow  banded-yellow  white-browns-greys  orange purple  
 Light Yellow
 Banded Yellow  White with Browns/Greys  Orange  Purples