Blocks and Walling

Rockfaced Blocks
Hydrasplit Blocks
Rough Squared Blocks
Sawn All Round Blocks
Split Logs

Rockfaced Block
Rockfaced Blocks add value to your home and can be used anywhere from edging to retaining walls to complete homes. The rockfaced finish is an traditional finish which is synonymous with sandstone. Our standard blocks are available at a width of 110mm, which is the width of a standard brick however we also make them thicker if you require. We offer these blocks at 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mmH or a 300mm at 130mm in bedwidth. rockfaced-blocks-2
Rockfaced Blocks House
Hydrasplit Blocks - Pallet
Hydrasplit Blocks are similar to our Rockfaced Blocks, but with a split only face. This allows for the character of sandstone to be still be used in a more modern, contemporary setting. The dimensions are that of the Rockfaced Blocks, but again we can make these to suit your requirements. hydrasplit block 
Rough Squared Block Pallet
Our Rough Squared Block Pallets are a very economical option that is widely used for retaining walls and other purposes around the house and garden. There is 4 layers on each pallet, which equates to 4m2 and the pallets are available in mixed colours.    rough--sq-block-pallet-wall
Rough Squared Block Walling
Rough Squared Block bins
Our Rough Squared Blocks are also available loose and are sold at a Tonnage rate. This option is perfect if you need a  large quantity of blocks, a more rustic finish is required or if larger variances in the block sizes compared to the palleted form is needed. You are also welcome to come to the quarry and hand select your blocks from our Rough Squared Blocks bins. rough-squared-blocks-walling
Rough Squared Block Walling
Sawn All Round Blocks
The diamond blades we use give our Sawn All Round Blocks a beautiful, smart finish on all 6 sides. The options for use are limitless for these blocks, anywhere from edging to walling or especially as a feature in your home or garden.  sawn all round
split logs
Split Logs
Split Logs are commonly used for retaining walls and are a great alternative for the traditional Sandstone Logs, as they are only 300x300mm approximately. These are sawn top and bottom, allowing for stable coursing whilst still have a rough face which maintains character in the wall finish. These also require only small machinery to install but are strong and solid, so are perfect if space is an issue or a more structured look than boulders is needed. split logs 4
Split Logs