Most Popular Bin Products

Gabion Spalls

gabion spalls Gabion Spalls are small sandstone boulders that are screened to be 75-150mm in diameter.  They are commonly used in civil applications such as for rip-rap or under-armour, as well as dry creek beds and property developments. The large array of colour also makes these ideal for Gabion baskets or walling. gabion spalls drainage 2

Rough Squared Blocks

rough sq blocks Rough Squared Blocks are a perfect option if you are looking for the rustic finish or if you need large quantities. These are generally 1 man sized and do have a size variance which are commonly used for dry stone walling. They are sold by the Tonne and delivery can be arranged in most cases but you are also welcome to come to the quarry and hand select your blocks from our Rough Squared Blocks bins. rough sq blocks2

Large Rough Squared Blocks

large rough sq blocks Large Rough Squared Blocks these have been through production so generally have a sawn side. They are consider 2-3 man sized and can be used in combination with Rough Squared Blocks to give your walling some larger pieces or as a walling option on its own, for a structured, not too large finish.